Port of Reykjavik

Ferry Timetables
(Reykjavik, Gullbringusysla, Iceland)

All the ferry services to and from Reykjavik are offered on cargo services and there are many vessels departing each week to various points in the Northeast Atlantic. However they do take several days, stopping off along the way at various points.

The scenery en-route to the Faroe Islands is quite breathtaking during the trip. You can relax in your cabin or enjoy the stunning views from out on deck. Sailing to your destination allows for a very relaxing and highly enjoyable journey.

Eimskip Timetables

Several ships depart on scheduled container transportation routes, with limited cabin space available. It is not a popular service for passengers. An up-to-date timetable with current departure times and sailings can be found at:

Services offered from Reykjavik include:

Company Route Duration Season
Eimskip ReykjavÌk - Faroe Islands Contact company for information All year

Reykjavik Port

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